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Our Basic Task: How To Change The World

Twelve children will be born in Guernsey this week. Their future and the future of the world into which they will be born is uncertain, exciting, fragile – and in our hands. To influence the long-term future of the next generation for good is humanity’s bravest and highest calling.

Rather than continuing to entrust others with this precious responsibility, the Bailiwick of Guernsey has the opportunity to take this human investment into its own hands by supporting the foundation of an independent high-level university on its territory – the University of the Channel Islands in Guernsey.

The degree courses which the University of the Channel Islands in Guernsey will offer in its opening phase are an adventurous mixture of conservation, culture, dialogue, finance, education, health and history.

We believe passionately that the University of the Channel Islands in Guernsey can fulfil several objectives that are useful to Guernsey as an island and country, useful to the global academic and research community, and vital to Guernsey’s young people.

We can:

  • Build and develop a high-class, modern university on an intimate scale, aiming at nurturing an academic community of a maximum of 2,000 resident students.
  • Have a meaningful global impact, through memoranda of understanding with some of the world’s very best universities for the initial accreditation of our degrees, through a policy of recruiting only the very best staff, through student recruitment which, while centred on Guernsey, has global reach, and attracting the world’s best academics.
  • Help keep Guernsey’s distinctive and unique culture alive, through our history and law programmes.
  • Be a huge boon and boost to the economy of Guernsey.

And most importantly, through teaching, we can grow a body of alumni around the world who are at the cutting-edge of education, research, business and ideas.

It is through them and through their achievements that we hope to change the world for the better.

It is anticipated that the University of the Channel Islands in Guernsey will commence in September 2017.

The new University will now incorporate a Medical School. The new Medical School will carry out world class research and will teach both Undergraduate and Post-graduate students.

Concurrently, it is anticipated that Alderney will become the base of the new “Department of Marine Sciences”, which will also carry out world class research and teaching with both Undergraduate and Post-graduate marine science students.

Professor Jack McDonald (Vice-Chancellor-designate)  /  Susan Jackson (Executive Project Director)

Please click to download our full VISION STATEMENT for the University of the Channel Islands in Guernsey (PDF).

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