Susan Jackson Associates works on behalf of sponsors, owners, franchisees and school boards to establish new universities and schools across the world.

As a typical Start-Up contract Susan Jackson Associates will take responsibility for:

  • Developing a Compelling Mission Statement
  • Creating a Strategic Plan and Product Breakdown Schedule
  • Establishing Timelines and Project Management Systems
  • Researching the Market to Ensure the Vision meets Demand
  • Establishing the Legal Framework: Profit or Non-Profit status, Bylaws, Constitution and Incorporation
  • Determining and Developing the Curriculum
  • Selecting and Embedding both Internal and External Assessment Systems
  • Determining Student Entry Points and Phase-in Stages
  • Building Credibility and Awareness in the Local Community
  • Recruiting the Principal, the Senior Leaders and Governors, and Team-Building
  • Developing the Business Plan and the Operational Budgets; Maintaining Financial Controls
  • Assisting with the Complex Transfer Across from Previous Schools
  • Offering Design Advice, including the Integration of ICT
  • Defining the Accommodation Schedule and Supporting the Procurement Process
  • Devising a Staffing Structure, Staff Recruitment, Job Descriptions and Contracts
  • Establishing Appraisal and Performance Management Systems
  • Developing a Marketing Plan and PR Brief to drive Enrolment, Competitive Positioning and the Admissions Process
  • Formulating Policies and Procedures including those for Teaching and Learning
  • Devising the Timetable and Schedules
  • Establishing Reporting and Recording Systems
  • Preparing Policy Manuals for Staff, Students and Parents


Susan Jackson Associate’s experience has been developed through a series of complex, innovative and fast-paced projects. Pimlico Academy in London was one such project.

Pimlico Academy was sponsored by the charity, Future, in conjunction with the UK Department for Education and Westminster City Council. Susan Jackson undertook the school start-up project management within a very tight timeframe of eight months.

The Academy caters for 11-19 year olds and is the first school in the UK to specialise in History. Two years after opening it was judged to be “outstanding” by OFSTED, the UK’s schools inspectorate.

Such a prominent project brought with it questions and concerns from the local community, and from staff in the predecessor school. These were handled judiciously and everything was done to highlight the opportunities the Academy would offer its students.

Intrinsic challenges were faced robustly and Susan Jackson and her team were pleased to be a part of such a successful, interesting and high-level project.

Pimlico Academy.

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